健康診断 FAQ



Q. Can I access the Web Questionnaire outside of campus?

A. No, it can only be accessed on-campus. (You must be connected to the university network KUINS or KUINS-Air.)




Q. I am not a new student, but I must fill out the “new student only” fields or else I cannot complete the Web Questionnaire.

A. Regardless of your student level, you must fill out these fields the first time you take the Web Questionnaire.




Q. I cannot log in. The display reads “対象者ではありません・Not a respondent.”

A. If you tried changing the browser, using a smartphone, or other entry methods but it did not resolve the problem, e-mail us your ESC-ID and a description of the problem.




Q. I accidentally selected the option to not have a chest x-ray, despite being in a school year required to have it.

A. First-year undergraduate and graduate students, as well as those who are studying medicine, education, or nursing (etc.), are required to have a chest x-ray. Those who would like to opt-out of an x-ray, or those who accidentally selected not to have one, must inform the Questionnaire Booth.




Q. I cannot make my designated health check date. Can I go on a different day?

A. If at all possible, please go on your designated day. However, if you absolutely cannot make it, please go on a different day during the health check period.




Q. I forgot to take the health check. There are no other health check days! What should I do?

A. Those who did not undergo a health check will not be able to print the health check result forms necessary for scholarships and job applications. Additionally, depending on your department, there might be regulations prohibiting you from taking exams. If you have an adequate reason for missing the health check (you were studying abroad, you were recovering from an illness, etc.) you will be able to reschedule the health check to certain off-period health check days. Please contact your affiliated department’s Educational Affairs Division for more details.




Q. When are the dates and times of the health check?

A. Please see the Health Service website (Health Check > Student Health Check) and notice board in front of the campus clinic for health check dates and times.




Q. What should I do if I forgot to take a urine sample this morning?

A. You can take a urine sample any time before the health check.




Q. I would like to know the location and time of the health checks.

A. Please see the Health Service website (Health Check > Student Health Check) and notice board in front of a campus clinic for health check locations and times.




Q. How long will the health check take?

A. The required time changes depending on the number of examinees, so we cannot make an estimation. Please come expecting to wait.




Q. When and where can I receive my health check results?

A. The health check results are can be printed from the automatic certificate issuing machine from the first weekday of June. The locations of the automatic issuing machines can be found on the university website or by asking your department’s Educational Affairs Division.
*Automatic certificate issuing machine=自動発行機, JIDO HAKKOU KI
*Education Affairs Division= 教務, KYOU-MU




Q. I want a Medical Certificate.

A. Medical Certificates can be printed at Yoshida, Katsura, and Uji campus clinics starting the first weekday of June. Those who want a Medical Certificate must bring a copy of their Health Checkup Results, printed from an automatic certificate issuing machine.
*Medical Certificate= 診断書, SHINDAN-SHO
*Health Checkup Results= 健康診断結果通知書、KENKO SHINDAN KEKKA TSUCHI-SHO
*Automatic certificate issuing machine=自動発行機, JIDO HAKKOU KI




Q. I know the campus clinic is closed during the health check period, but I feel unwell/ was injured, so may I please have a special examination?

A. The campus clinic is closed during health checks, so it cannot offer examinations. Please go to a nearby medical facility to be checked.




Q. Where are some nearby hospitals?

A. During the health check period, please use the internet to search for nearby hospitals. Otherwise, please see the nearby medical facilities information posted on the door of the campus clinic.




Q. I forgot to take the required x-ray. May I please come back and take it?

A. Unfortunately, no. The system does not allow someone to re-enter the health check.




Q. It was not properly explained to me at the health check that I needed an x-ray, so I didn’t take it. So please, let me take the x-ray.

A. Regardless of the reason, the system does not allow someone to re-enter the health check.




Q. I have run out of time and need to leave the health check mid-way through. Can I come complete it tomorrow?

A. The system does not allow this. Please finish your health check today. However, if you started your health check in the morning, you may still complete it in the afternoon on the same day.




Q. I didn’t complete the Web Questionnaire by 5pm the day before the health check. What should I do? Can I still do the health check? Do I have to take it on a different day?

A. You can complete the questionnaire on the day of the health check at the health check location. However, there are a limited number of tablets and it might be crowded. It is possible to take the health check on a later day, but you must you must apply for it by 5pm the day before (excluding weekends and holidays).



A. 健康管理部門ウェブサイト(健康診断>学生健診)のWeb問診マニュアルをご参照ください。また、以下の方法をお試し下さい。

Q. I don’t understand how to fill out the Web Questionnaire.

A. Please read the Web Questionnaire Manual on the Health Service website (Health Check > Student Health Check). Otherwise, try the following:

それでもうまくいかない場合には以下の情報を記載の上 までメールでお問い合わせください。

Re-start the browser and try to fill it out again.
Try a different browser.
Try to use a smartphone or a different computer.
If none of the above worked, please send the information below and a description of the problem to:

使用しているOS Windows 10, Windows 8.1など
使用しているブラウザとそのバージョン Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, -Firefox, Safari など
E-Mail Address
Operating system (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, etc.)
Browser & Version (Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)


Q. PCやスマートフォンの設定方法がわかりません

A. 各種設定方法は以下の情報環境機構のウェブサイトをご参照ください。

Q. I don’t know how to change the settings on my PC or smartphone.

A. Please see the Institute for Information Management and Communication website for instructions on how to change the settings.




Q. I don’t know how to answer the questionnaire questions. What should I do if I “don’t know”?

A. If you are not sure how to enter a description for the specified (*) items, simply write that you are unsure and seek consultation at the interview with a medical professional. However, you must fill out every question in the Web Questionnaire, or else you cannot submit it.


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